• What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is the practice of protecting computer systems and their sensitive information from digital attacks.



            The use of digital devices increasing these days, the more devices we connect together by network the more potential doors & windows exist that attackers can use to get access to our sensitive data. In 2023 it is predicted 43 billion IoT devices connected in the world.

IoT devices render from smart devices to home appliances, cars, alarms, and entire industrial machinery.

In 2023 a number of governmental initiatives around the world should come into effect to improve security in connected devices as well as the cloud system and networks at tying them together this includes a labeling system for IoT devices, to provide consumers with information on possible security threats posed by the devices they bring into the home.


In 2023 as hybrid working becomes the norm in many companies. So it is a priority to secure devices worker use to connect remotely from home and the personal devices, they bring to work connecting to networks with non-secure devices can lead to employees unwillingly falling victim to phishing attacks where attackers, trick users used to sharing passwords and other personal data.

With more people working remotely, it is increasingly likely we may find ourselves working in teams will we don’t know each other as well and we are at risk of being scammed.


            Today we are seeing thousands of attackers on servers all around the world that security agencies believe can be traced back to foreign governments. In 2023 we will see more hacking and cyber attacks on infrastructure as well. On top of that more than 70 countries are due to government elections in 2023 and this event is frequently the target of attacks by the hostile foreign interest often by disinformation campaigns by social media.


            As the number of attacks and the complexity of cyber attacks are growing it is becoming increasingly tricky for human cyber security experts to handle them. This is where artificial intelligence comes into existence. Machine learning algorithms can examine the vast amount of data moving across networks in real-time far more efficiently than humans ever could and learn to recognize patterns indicating a threat.

According to IBM, companies that use AI and Automation to detect and respond to data britches save an average of 3 million Dollars compared to those that don’t unfortunately hackers and criminals have also started to use AI today they are used to generate a large number of personalized phishing attacks and to automatically identify systems with weak security or that are likely to contain valuable data among the millions of computers and networks connected to the internet it’s been predicted that by 2030 the market for AI cyber security product will worth close to 139 billion dollars a near tenfold increase on the value of the market in 2021.


            Building a security-aware culture perhaps the most important step any company can take is to create a culture of awareness around cyber security issues. Today it’s no longer good enough to simply think of cyber security as something the IT department does, in fact developing an awareness of the threats and taking basic precautions should be a fundamental part of everyone’s job description in 2023.

Humans are still the weakest link for example phishing attacks rely on social engineering methods to trick users into sharing valuable information or installing malware on their devices no one needs technical skills to learn to become aware of these types of attacks and to take basic precautions to avoid falling victims likewise basic security skills like safe use of password and developing an understanding of two-factor authentication should be taught across the board and continually updated taking basic precautions like this to foster a culture of cyber security awareness should be a core priority for any organization in 2023.

There is a lot going on in the information security space, and 2023 looks to be an interesting year in these regards. Below are some things to watch for in 2023, some of them are good and, unfortunately, some aren’t.  

First the good news:

– We are getting a lot more serious about our security. This has a lot of reasons behind it. For example, new privacy laws are mandating organizations to tighten their security.  Look to see more consumer privacy laws passed in the coming year and more tightening of security systems.

– Authentication requirements are increasing. This is closing in large security holes.  Corporations are requiring a great deal more authentication to get into secure systems (this also is on the bad news side)

– There is a plethora of sophisticated programs to help us be more secure and they will continue to get better. Competition right now is strong in the security industry sparking a lot of innovation.

Now the bad news:

– Securing our networks is costing us.  Most companies are globalizing their organizations and making them secure costs a lot of money.  It will get worse before it gets better.

– Authentication requirements are increasing. This is getting claustrophobic.  Corporations are requiring a great deal more authentication to get into secure systems (This is also on the good news side) Unfortunately, for the end user, it is one more thing to be unhappy about, not unlike airport security lines.

– Hackers are getting more sophisticated. The number of viruses and malware out there is staggering.

– Spammers keep finding more creative ways to fill our email boxes.  Don’t look for this trend to stop anytime soon.

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